At Courcelle Law, we will work directly with you throughout the process. We handle every case, from highly publicized criminal cases to traditional and nontraditional civil litigation, with a consistent dedication to personal service. We know that serving every client to the best of our ability is the foundation for all of our success.


Our attorneys and staff are highly discreet. Many of the legal matters brought to us are delicate and confidential. The impact on your life from a criminal or dispute can be devastating. We will protect your interests and help you find the strategy that works best for you.


Issues that impact a family are highly emotional and can create a tremendous amount of stress in your life. Our attorneys and staff are sensitive to the problems that may arise in a family and will assist you in transitioning through a new phase in your life. Whether it be divorce, child custody, adoption or paternity our goal is to help you move forward as we protect your rights, and we understand that each situation is unique.