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The family unit is probably the single most important part of the American cultural structure. For most of us, it is the foundation upon which we build all the other aspects of our lives. When issues arise in the home, it is paramount that they be resolved as quickly, and responsibly, as possible. The mental and financial burden that family issues often induce, are the reason why having a qualified and trusted advisor to assist you is so important. At Courcelle Law, we take being that trusted advisor very seriously. This is true in any of our legal proceedings and rings just as true in our family law practice. We will work swiftly and diligently to handle your situation as quickly as possible, while ensuring we cover all of the bases and provide service above and beyond the cost of representation.

Family law by nature can involve a wide range of situations that can be ambiguous and complicated. The average person has not prepared themselves to handle the mental, emotional, and financial stressors that these situations often present. Thankfully, you do not have to take on this task alone. Allow our team to put together a unique strategy, tailored to your needs. Whether it is a divorce, prenuptial agreement, custody battle, same sex law dispute, or any other of the numerous cases that fall into the family law category we will act as your trusted advisor and seek out the best possible outcome for you and your family. While we shoulder the legal aspects of your case, you can get back to focusing on the important things. These cases are not always easy but we strive to make your experience as painless as can be, by alleviating the burden of legal strategy and representation.

We are aware that this area of law can be extremely sensitive and at times uncomfortable. At Courcelle Law, rest assured you will always be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of your family law concerns. Your privacy is of the utmost importance and our only goal is to guide you through the process while providing excellent service, as your legal counsel. We welcome clients of all ages, backgrounds, and economic circumstances. If you have a legal situation and are in need of guidance, do not hesitate to call and find out how we may be able to offer assistance.

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This team is spearheaded by Bernard Dupuy, who is as passionate as he is qualified. Prior to joining the team at Courcelle Law, Bernard received his JD from Southern University Law Center. He is known for his strong work ethic and dedication to providing the very best representation for his client’s. If you have found yourself, or someone you know has found themselves, in need of legal counsel regarding family law, you truly could not be in better hands. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and are located in the New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Slidell or surrounding areas.